Photography @RumanKaur
Photography @RumanKaur

About Me

I am a designer maker who recently graduated from Design Crafts at De Montfort University. I throw all of my pieces on the pottery wheel because I love the immediate response your actions have on the clay. I am fascinated by the personal connection between the maker and the material. Throwing on the wheel has allowed me to appreciate craftsmanship and has given me an eye for fine detail. Transforming a ball of clay into a fine-walled structure never fails to excite me. 

Pottery has given me a medium through which I can express myself and my creativity. I have always loved craft and making. I followed this passion when I left school. I started my degree which explored a variety of different crafts where I hoped to find an area I loved. My degree taught me skills in a variety of disciplines including glass blowing, jewellery and woodwork, but this is where I fell in love with ceramics. I loved the versatility and the endless possibilities that clay provides. 

Making pottery provides me with an escape. Being an anxious person I love how it makes me feel able to focus and calm my mind. I love the process whereby it is simply you and the clay. This material has provided me with experiences which have built my confidence by allowing me to achieve work that I've been proud of.

Photography @SophieWoottonDesign

My current work is inspired by my late grandma's painting. Having initially struggled with the loss of my grandma, I am now using her work as inspiration for mine. 
The connection I felt when finding her paintings is one I have tried to replicate by leaving my mark as the maker in my work; whether it is hypothetically or physically. I love how cermaics has given me a way to connect with her. She was always my number one fan, always asking what I was working on and what she could buy. 

My passion for ceramics has driven me to constantly explore new ideas. My collection of tableware has been thoughtfully curated to bring people together and to create memorable shared experiences. Distortions within the pieces act as a reminder of the maker's hand and provide a connection between the maker and the user as well as being designed to provide comfort when passing around and sharing food.

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